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Hans Morren

    Consultation rooms of view of company restaurant at Neele-Vat in Pernis, The Netherlands.

    Fall wall

    One of the consultation rooms on the second floor overlooking the company restaurant on the ground floor. The glass wall around the loft is of the Safe 2 type from the iQ PROTECT series. This fall-proof wall is equipped with double glazing each 16.76mm thick. This makes the glass wall so strong that it is impossible to fall through. 

    From a cosmetic point of view, the wall is equipped with vertical uprights. The uprights are not necessary. This wall is also available with a so-called 0-joint where the glass panels are placed tightly against each other.

    corridor-separating wall

    The corridor-separating wall containing the door has exactly the same look and feel as the fall-through wall. Here, also, vertical uprights have been chosen.  The profiles used for both wall types are 100mm width and have a height of only 33mm in view and look exactly te same.

    Door unit with double rebate

    To prevent noise from coming through around or under the door, the door and frame with a double stop and double rubbers have been chosen. The QbiQ frame is from typo DK100D and with its thickness of 100mm is as thick as the wall.

    The aluminum frame door, model KDD57D, is equipped with double glazing, each 8.76 mm thick and equipped with an acoustic foil. Bitches the door is equipped with double rubbers and a drop sill at the bottom that should prevent sound transmission under the door.

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