Neele-Vat Pernis - nvp 02.jpg

Hans Morren

    The company restaurant / canteen of Neele-Vat in Pernis, the Netherlands.

    Ground floor

    On the right side on the ground floor, a QbiQ iQ PRO Glass 100 has been placed as a separation and between company restaurant and through traffic space. The iQ PRO is a 100mm thick wall system with vertical uprights. Between the uprights glass panels with 6.6.a.2 glass are placed. These are made of 12.76mm thick glass plates consisting of two glass plates with an acoustic foil in between to reduce the noise.
    The aluminium profiles are finished with a white coating in the colour RAL9010 with 30% gloss.


    First floor

    On the first floor, also on the right side in the photo, a QbiQ PROTECT Safe 2 in PRO version has been applied. This is a floor-high, fall-proof system wall specially designed for placement around a void. This glass wall more than 3,6 meter high and is equipped with two times 16.76mm thick glass for maximum stability and is therefore 100% fall-through.  The wall is equipped with vertical uprights and coated in the color RAL9010.


    Both system walls serve a different function but have an identical appearance.

    Project date
    Profile color
    Wall thickness
    Wall panels
    Layers of Glass
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    Neele Vat - Pernis / Qbiq BV / december 2022