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Hans Morren

    Fire-resistant glass front EW60 at Neele-Vat in Pernis, the Netherlands.

    As a fire separation, a fully transparent fire-resistant glass partition QbiQ  PROTECT Hightech with EW30 certification was chosen. Combined with an iQ PROTECT EW30 frame and door. This safety wall is constructed with steel profiles and 16mm fire-resistant glass with EI30 certification. The doors and door frames are also made of steel. The doors are equipped with Pyrobel EI30 glass and a panic bar.

    Automatic deur closer

    An automatic door closer system with closing order is mounted on the double doors. This ensures that the doors always close correctly so that in the in case of a fire the room is safely closed.

    Extra high

    The extra high glass panels in the wall are over 3100mm high and interconnected with a sleek black sealant joint that looks optically like a black upright.  The glass panels are fully hight and connect from floor to ceiling.

    33mm profile height

    This high fire-resistant glass wall also has a profile height of only 33mm. 33mm is the standard profile height of all QbiQ system walls. When different types of QbiQ system walls come together in, for example, T-connections, this results in a nice and smooth connection between different partitions.

    All profiles are coated in the RAL9010, pure white.

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    Neele Vat - Pernis / Qbiq BV / december 2022
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