Neele-Vat Pernis - nvp 08.jpg

Hans Morren

    Access to presentation room at Neele-Vat in Pernis, The Netherlands.

    The entrance to the presentation room is equipped with glass panels of up to 3600 mm high in one piece. The partition with double glazing and double door is of the type QbiQ PRO Glass and is 100mm thick.

    Double doors

    The double doors are of the type KDD57D and equipped with a double stop, double rubbers, drop seals and double glazing with acoustic foil. The door is placed in a corresponding frame type DK100D specially designed for situations where high demands are placed on sound insulation.


    Extra high

    With a height of  3.6 meters, it is  a strikingly high glass wall. The glass panels to the left and right of the door unit are each in one piece. The laminated glass is 12.76mm thick and provided with plastic foil between two glass plates.

    A 1.20 meter high skylight is placed above the door unit for optimal transparency.

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    Neele Vat - Pernis / Qbiq BV / december 2022
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