The Best Place Philips - hm bpp 13.jpg

Hans Morren

    foyer at The Best Place Philips, the Netherlands.

    In the background on this photo you see a QbiQ iQ LIBERTY Single with 8.8.a.2 glass. The glass panels are place together without a vertical stand. The glass panels are place to each other with a zero-joint. The glass panels are 16.76 mm in thickness and are provided with a transparent acoustic foil between the two sheet of glass. This extra thick glass insulates glass to the maximum.

    The double HPL doors that gives access to the rooms, are provide with multiple layers of insulation and colored Signal Black, RAL9004.

    In the left door frame a computer network cable is integrated to  connect the electronic Room Reservation System.

    Project date
    Product range
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    Wall panels
    Film and prints
    Layers of Glass
    Door model
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    Philips The Best Place - Best
    Qbiq BV / september 2021
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