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Hans Morren

    Detail of the bottom side of the KDD80-100 aluminum framed door in a DK100 door frame.

    The QbiQ aluminum framed door KDD80-100 is a wall thick door with a thickness of 100mm. This is exactly the same thickness as the glass partition QbiQ IQ PRO Glass 100. Also the door frame is 100mm thick.


    Completely flat wall

    By using elements that all have the same thickness, a system wall is created with a completely flat surface that radiates tranquility and class.

    Framed door

    The KDD80-100 door is double glazed. Each glass panel has a thickness of 8.76mm and equipped with an acoustically dampening foil for optimal sound insulation. The door is 100mm thick and has a frame of 80mm in sight. The frame is identical on all sides and therefore symmetrical.

    This double-glazed door has excellent acoustic properties that keep noise transmission to a minimum.

    Drop seal

    Also, the door is equipped with a seal at the bottom. This comes down at the bottom of the door as soon as the door in the frame is closed. The red pen ensures that the rubber sill is pushed down. The purpose of a sill is to prevent sound from entering or leaving the room under the door. A drop sill is the optimal addition to every door to which high noise values are set.

    Recessed hinges

    Both in the door and in the frame, the hinges are concealed in the aluminum profile. By concealing the hinges recessed in the profiles, the QbiQ doors are completely flat. This is in contrast to many other frame doors that are necessarily equipped with mounting slots along the entire length of the door and frame.



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    Prinzenstraße - Solingen (D) / Qbiq BV / Maart 2023
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