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Hans Morren

    QbiQ iQ PRO Glass 100 with single glass partition at Prinzenstraße in Solingen, Germany.

    On the first floor, several system walls of the type QbiQ iQ PRO Glass 100 with single glass have been installed.


    QbiQ LIBERTY iQ PRO Glass

    This system wall is distinguished by the use of vertical uprights. The uprights make it possible to realize high glass walls. Here in Solingen, at the first floor, the glass partition are 3,45  meters high. In order to increase stability , a vertical division above the door has been chosen.

    Normally the iQ PRO Glass is meant for double glass as placed on the ground floor. The great thing about the iQ PRO Glass is that we can also place that wall in a single glass version. As a result, the single-glazed wall has an identical appearance to the double-glazed wall and the same doors and frames can be used. This allows you to save on the price without compromising on design and appearance.

    Door unit

    In this arrangement, door units consisting of the QbiQ DK100 door frame and the QbiQ KDD80-100 aluminum frame door were chosen. This door is equipped with two times 8mm laminated glass and a drop sill. As a result, the door has excellent sound insulation so that sound transmission is kept to a minimum.

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