Worldwide New York - pww-3.2.jpg


Small conversation rooms at Worldwide in New York, USA.

These concentration an conversation rooms, on the 6e floor, are divided from the corridor with single glass partition iQ LIBERTY Single. This partition is made of just 33mm high aluminum profiel in sight all around. The class used in this glass partition is of the type 6.6.a.2. That's 12.67mm thick glass laminated on a transparent acoustic foil that reduces the transportation of sound through the glass and prevent the glass from falling apart should it ever break. The glass panels are placed to each other without any vertical stand. The panels are placed with a fully transparent zero-joint.
The aluminum framed door is a QbiQ model KDET also with 6.6.a.2. glass. The door is placed in an aluminum door frame model DK58.

In the front of the photo a full glass 90° corner is placed. This is also a model QbiQ LIBERTY Single.


Project date
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Worldwide New York
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STUDIOS Architecture, Photography by Tom Minieri
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