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Hans Morren

    Conversation rooms with transparent coated steel wall panels at faculty ITC University Twente Enschede

    Solid walls

    The steel walls are a QbiQ iQ PRO Steel with a transparent matt coating. The steel panels are placed next to each other with a 0-joint or V-joint. This 100 mm thick wall is constructed with 2x 12.5 mm plasterboard on both sides with a cold-rolled steel panel with V-joint on the visible side.

    The steel panels are enclosed in an aluminum floor, wall and ceiling profiles G33-100 which is coated in the color Alucol Colinal C1


    Glass walls

    The glass walls are a QbiQ iQ PRO Glass 100. This 100 mm thick wall is equipped with 6.6.a.2 acoustic laminated glass of 12.76 mm thick on both sides.  The KDEC frame door is equipped with 6.6.a.2 single glazing, provided with an acoustic foil placed in a DK100 aluminum door frame.


    Project date
    Profile color
    Wall thickness
    Wall panels
    Layers of Glass
    Door model
    Type framed door
    Exif Title
    GEO faculteit Universiteit Twente - Enschede /
    Qbiq BV / November 2023
    Date photo taken
    File date
    F number
    Max available height
    Max available width