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Flare Department / Mart Goossens

    4 meter high glass partition at Adagio in Amsterdam.

    The Sint Jacob church in Amsterdam has undergone a successful renovation. The former church has been transformed into an international psychologist's practice. The new interior is subtly integrated into the monumental building with respect for the original interior from 1866. The new interior was designed by Bureau Fraai. By retaining original elements such as the organ and the gold ornaments, a beautiful working environment with a nostalgic appearance has been created.

    The 430 cm high glass wall is a QbiQ iQ PRO Glass 100 made of single glazing. By applying a horizontal division at a height of approximately 230 cm, the height of more than four meters can be reached.

    Two aluminum framed doors, model KDEC are placed in the partitions.

    The wall is made up of aluminium profiles and laminated glass. The profiles are coated in the colour RAL9010, pure white. The glass is of the type 6.6.a.2. These are 12.76mm thick glass panels consisting of two glass plates with an acoustic damping foil in between that significantly reduces noise reduction.




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