The spatial quality and abundance of light in the space is striking. For the new interior design these qualities were preserved and the existing ornaments and details respected. The space is therefore kept as open and transparent as possible, and the new interventions touch the existing elements as minimal as possible. Firstly, an open and minimal window frame system has been applied into the interior defining the new spaces such as the office space and the treatment rooms. The treatment rooms are created between the columns and by keeping the window frames set back from the columns they always remain visible and essential to the space.

At the same time the rooms are situated at the windows with daylight and the central spaces of the naves and sanctuary are free of any obstacles. Translucent curtains create privacy in the treatment rooms but remain transparant enough to experience the entire space. The office space including lunch area and pantry for the staff is centrally situated ‘between’ the two large naves with treatment rooms. To give the new interior a human scale and to organise the entire space, a floor pattern defining the new space has been introduced which also acts as signage.

The interior designers of Bureau Fraai selected the iQ PRO Glass range to be installed in the new St. Jacobs chapel. Since this window frame had vertical mullions and horizontal lining, it enables the partitions to go up to 4 mtrs. height. With a width of only 100mm and a profile height of 33mm around, a light and transparant look and feel is maintained. The applied 2 sheets of  12mm glazing (6.6.a.2) with optimal sound insulation is providing privacy for clients. Together with the overall conservative use of colour the new design creates a harmonious and accessible atmosphere where the clients and staff feel welcomed. Adagio: slow & comfortable…


Bureau Fraai
Bureau Fraai
"Adagio: slow and comfortable”

Plantage Middenlaan 52A
1018 DH Amsterdam