Richemont Amsterdam - mrra 0114238 1.jpg


    Private conversation room at Richemont in Amsterdam in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    The interior of the head office of  RLG Europe B.V. is designed by M+R interior architecture and with success. The interior exudes the luxury of brands such as Cartier, Richemont, Piaget and many other expensive jewelry brands.

    QbiQ build gold-colored partition on every floor that blend in with this luxurious environment. Here a conversation room for privacy that's made with the QbiQ iQ LIBERTY Structural, a double glass partition with high acoustic values. The door also high acoustic, model QbiQ KDD57D with double glass and double seals. The doors and wall are made with 6.6.a.2 glass panels.


    Photographer: Herman de Winter

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    Hoofdkantoor Richemont Amsterdam
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