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    Impression of the iQ WOOD Single partition. Single glass partition with wood and hard glass door.

    A single glass partition with wood finish. The core of the wooden floor, wall and ceiling elements consists of aluminum profiles from our successful iQ Single series. The profiles are fitted with wood elements, creating a glass wall with a natural appearance. Te iQ WOOD Single is equipped with 8.8.2 laminated single glass with a thickness of 16.76 mm. Optionally, 8.8.a.2 glass can be used that is provided with an acoustically damping foil for better sound insulation. The glass elements are placed against each other with a fully transparent 0-joint, so no vertical uprights are required and a beautiful glass wall with an open and natural character is created.

    Multiple different door can be placed in this DKW58 door frame. In the scene a hard glass door is used with stainless steel hinges.

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